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Satisfying Clip Of Onion Being Finely Chopped Has Reddit In A Trance

Watch: Satisfying Clip Of Onion Being Finely Chopped Has Reddit In A Trance

The internet has a plethora of content being circulated on a daily basis. You will find videos that entertain you, intrigue you and make you laugh at every scroll through your feed. The one category of videos that we just cannot stop watching is satisfying food videos. If you are a foodie like us, you will agree that there is something very unique and special about even the most mundane of food tasks. So, when a video of an onion being chopped very finely was shared on Reddit, it definitely had to go viral. A recent clip of the chopping of the onion has mesmerised Reddit users for all the right reasons.

The clip was shared on the sub-Reddit r/oddlysatisfying by user u/tobago_88. “How this onion turns into the consistency of rice,” wrote the user in the caption. The video of the onion being finely chopped has gone viral on Reddit, receiving over 83k views and 45k upvotes; and the numbers are only increasing every second.

In the clip, we see a cook or a chef making very tiny and precise cuts on half an onion. He moves the knife smoothly and we can barely detect his movements in the clip. He then makes a few cuts horizontally as well, and then chops the onion from the top. The resulting chopped onion is extremely fine and delicate and reveals the incredible chopping skills of the chef.

Reddit users were instantly in love with the video of the onion being chopped. Many of them wanted to know which knife was being used in the process. Others differed in their opinion and said that the chopping video was nothing out of the normal.


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