Is your weight-loss sustainable? Tips to ensure long-lasting fitness

Is your weight-loss sustainable Tips to ensure long-lasting fitness

Losing weight can be a tricky process. From mustering up the courage to embark on a weight loss journey to making changes to the daily diet and lifestyle, every step takes up a significant amount of motivation, energy, and time. However, after the channelled efforts and dedication when one actually achieves a fitness goal, it truly is rewarding.
But simply achieving a fitness goal is not the end of the line. Sustaining the results is a real challenge that people often fail at. Some major reasons behind this are falling back into old unhealthy routines, making bad food choices, etc. Weight loss may be necessary, but what’s even more important is sustainable weight loss.

Here are some ways in which you can facilitate sustainable weight loss:
  1. Don’t stop moving: Staying physically active is extremely important when it comes to sustainable weight loss. Even after you achieve your weight loss goal, maintain a regular exercise routine to avoid gaining the kilos back.
  2. Always read the labels: Food labels can be extremely helpful when it comes to weight loss. Reading the labels is essential to eat healthily and ensure not falling for false advertising. So even with the foods that claim to be low-fat, zero-sugar, etc, always read the labels thoroughly.
  3. Work towards short term weight goals: Your fitness goals must not end after achieving a weight goal. Even after you have shed significant pounds, try to accommodate short term weight goals in your life to ensure that you do not fall off the fitness wagon in the long run.
  4. Make healthy food swaps: There are a variety of unhealthy foods that are consumed in the everyday life. Replacing them with their healthier alternatives can have wonderful effects on health. When trying to lose weight sustainably, make healthy food swaps such as replacing soda with water, refined foods with whole food, white rice with brown rice, etc.
  5. Remember that there’s no shortcut: Have you come across schemes claiming that they can help you lose weight in 15-30 days? Do not fall for such scams because even if you manage to shed kilos using a shortcut, it won’t be sustainable. Make sure that your weight loss plan is well planned and always remember that there’s no shortcut to success.


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