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International No Diet Day

There has been a long-standing movement to shed the shame typically associated with being less than Hollywood perfect. The photoshopped images found in fashion and beauty magazines have been marked as a direct cause of a rising instance of eating disorders among the youth.

Too long has health been associated with unrealistic body types and unhealthy, dangerous fad diets. International No Diet Day has been pushed forward with the intention of promoting healthy lifestyles for all body types.

History of International No Diet Day
International No Diet Day was first started by Mary Evans in 1992. The purpose of the day was to help men and women around the world to appreciate their own bodies. Having gone through anorexia herself, Mary began Diet Breakers, which is her organization. She then created the first International No Diet Day, bringing attention to the cause, and of course, her organization as well. Now, the day is used to help tackle tough issues regarding diet and body awareness, focusing on a number of agendas. This includes the following…

Educating people about the right way to diet responsibly and effectively
Having all people take a one-day break from their diets
Celebrating the diversity of different shapes and sizes
Bodies can be beautiful at all shapes and sizes, with both the svelte look of the athletic beach nut and the more Grecian and Rubenesque body types merely exemplifying the natural body type. Considering that the failures of dieting often result in yoyo-ing weight, with all of the weight lost being regained in almost every case within 5 years. To combat these incredibly unhealthy habits organizations all over the world have been engaged in forcing the fashion industry to label those images that have been modified, or outlawing the use of photoshop altogether.


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