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Health Benefits Of Khus During Summer – Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar Explains

Health Benefits Of Khus During Summer - Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar Explains

Mother nature has bestowed us with everything we need. However, in this fast faced world, we often tend to ignore these things. In fact, not many of us know about the herbs that people would use to cool the body naturally and also treat regular health issues like – skin breakouts (acne), constipation, hair fall, itchy scalp and even PCOD. So, nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar decided to bring those not-much-explored herbs back into public memory through her Instagram posts. In a new post, she has described the health benefits of “khus”, also known as wala roots or vetiver. Talking about how to use khus, Diwekar asked her social media followers to put it in a matka filled with water. She said they can also soak it in a glass of water. Once soaked, all we have to do is to drink the water, which can be used for three consecutive days. Drinking khus water also helps in reducing body odour.

Rujuta Diwekar added that khus-water is a great coolant for the summer season, better and more sustainable than the refrigerated drinks we usually have. Also, khus-water starts working immediately after we drink it, she added. The best part is khus can be grown easily, in the backyard, along the boundary wall or even alongside a crop. She said such things are important not just for an individual, but also for the local economy and global ecology.


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