Masaba Gupta’s “First Summer Meal” Is Pure Goals; Here’s What She Ate

Any change in the season means making adjustments in our food preferences too. From enjoying ghee-laden, heavy food in winter to picking summer-friendly light treats, we need to eat the right kind of meals depending on the various seasons. Designer Masaba Gupta has kickstarted summer on a very delicious note. She recently shared a snippet of her meal and that made us hungry. Her food platter included homemade curd rice, baked papad, and a dollop of a pickle. Masaba also explained her feelings about the meal in a caption. She began by stating that it was the first warm day in Mumbai after an unusually cool winter.As a result, Masaba began craving “cooling, light food”. Describing her “first summer meal”, Masaba said it was “dahi rice”. She added that she tossed in “some grated cucumber too”.

Masaba Gupta's "First Summer Meal" Is Pure Goals; Here's What She Ate

Masaba Gupta has always been very vocal about a healthy diet and the way she prefers to detox after binge-eating. More often than not, after succumbing to indulgences for a while, she likes to get back on track with desi treats made at home. On one occasion, she shared a photo of her comfort food platter and it was relatable. For lunch, she had khichdi with moong beans and seasonal vegetables. The khichdi was topped with creamy yogurt. There was also some pickle on the side. Read more about it here.

We aren’t new to Masaba Gupta’s love for Indian food. We have seen her enjoying a variety of desi food including South Indian dishes. Once, she shared a photo of her food platter that included uttapam and podi. A dollop of coconut chutney was kept on the side. Masaba captioned the photo, “Uttapam + Podi= (star-eye face emoji).” Click here to take a look at Masaba Gupta’s South Indian platter.

Masaba Gupta’s culinary adventures also feature healthy food. A few months ago, she shared a photo of her food platter that included stir-fried veggies, grilled chicken and a delicious-looking bowl of lauki soup. Take a look at it here.

We love how Masaba Gupta stays loyal to any kind of food and yet gives us major healthy diet goals from time to time.


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