green Peas

Green Peas
Hindi call: Matar

Small green pods grown in iciness months, green peas are sweet end result wherein each pod consists of some of peas. even though botanically a fruit, it’s far commonly used as a vegetable. Boiling or steaming makes them sweeter.


There are 3 sorts of typically eaten peas: garden peas: Rounded pods with a barely curved form. they have a clean texture. Rounded peas are candy and starch in taste. Snow peas: Flatter and brilliant than lawn peas. they’re the sweetest range and maximum smooth. Snap peas: go between the garden and snow pea variety. This variety has plum round peas with a crispy texture. they are normally consumed at a smooth age.


Peas may be made as a vegetable, utilized in fillings like parantha or even sautéed to be eaten as a snack. Salted dried peas salted are also eaten as a popular snack. Soups and stir fries also use peas as an important condiment. but, they’re candy enough to be enjoyed raw, without any guidance.

it’s miles vital to buy firm pods that are clean and are in inexperienced coloration. Do now not wash earlier than storing and shell simply earlier than using.

dietary price

1. inexperienced peas have a excessive content of nutritional fiber and nutrients B6 and ok.
2. they’re additionally an awesome supply of folic acid.
three. The antioxidant ec663f0227e5f38fe44e4e4f96e08ef7 homes of inexperienced peas reduce the danger of kind 2 diabetes.

Did you know?

Dried peas have been a staple food within the middle a long time wherein the sparkling range changed into a delicacy.
Brazilians love peas as a pizza topping.

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