GM Diet Plan | Proven Way to Lose Weight in 7 Days | Blog Decathlon

GM Diet Plan | Proven Way to Lose Weight in 7 Days | Blog Decathlon

What is a GM Diet Plan?

GM-Diet plan or General Motors diet is a 7-day weight loss program developed by the General Motors Corporation, with a pious intention of keeping their employees healthy. The GM diet chart was a collaborative effort by GM, FDA, and USDA, which was also tested at the John Hopkins Research Center before it was given final approval.

Benefits of GM diet Plan:

Following are some of the key benefits of the GM diet plan for weight loss:

  1. Avoidance of sugar: Apart from fructose, there is practically no exposure to any other kind of sugar content.
  2. Detoxification: Due to the consumption of large amounts of water and healthy food and restricting the intake of any kind of junk food, the body eliminates excess toxins and flushes out waste.
  3. Glowing Skin: Detoxification improves skin health and gives it a natural glow.
  4. Boosts Metabolism: Healthy eating habits, greater intake of water aid body metabolism. A higher metabolic rate ensures a greater amount of burnt calories which eventually brings about weight loss.
  5. Improves Digestion: The food consumed throughout the 7-day course is rich in fiber and thus improves your bowel movement.
  6. Good eating habits in general:  This diet, in general, promotes the consumption of fruits and vegetables, which are low in calories and high in fiber content and inculcates the habit of avoiding eating any kind of junk food. The GM diet plan for weight loss also limits daily calorie consumption to about 1000-1200. This prevents fat accumulation within the body, keeps the stomach satiated for longer durations and thus stops a person from ending up overeating.

7-Days GM Diet Chart for Weight Loss:

Along with daily water intake of 10-12 glasses, following is the General motors diet to be followed throughout the course of the week.

Day 1: Fruits

  • Breakfast: One bowl of watermelon/kiwi or an apple/pomegranate
  • Lunch: One bowl of papaya or  muskmelon
  • Evening Snack: One glass of coconut water
  • Dinner: One guava/ orange or a bowl of berries (strawberries, litchi)
  • Bed-time snacks: One bowl of watermelon/grapes

 Avoid any kind of cream, honey or sugar dressing on your fruit bowl.

gm diet plan

Day 2: Vegetables

  • Breakfast: One large or two small-sized potatoes/ bowl of corn kernels or green peas
  • Lunch: One large bowl of cabbage soup
  • Evening Snack: 2-3 medium-sized cherry tomatoes
  • Dinner: One cup broccoli
  • Bed-time snacks: One bowl of cucumber/ carrots

Preparation: You may either eat your veggies raw. boiled or cooked in 1-2 spoons of olive oil and lightly seasoned with pepper, rock salt, vinegar or herbs.

Cabbage soup can be prepared by boiling together a cabbage, a small carrot and 2-3 tomatoes in about half a liter of water, adding to that a handful of chopped onions light fried in olive oil and seasoning the mixture with rock salt, herbs and peppers.

Substitutes: Olive oil may be substituted with pure ghee. 

Don’ts: Restrict consumption of potatoes or any other starch containing vegetables like corn or peas only to the breakfast and in limited amounts (100-150 calories) as it will provide enough energy throughout the day. Avoid eating deep-fried vegetables.

general motors diet

Day 3: Fruits and Vegetables

  • Breakfast: One bowl of watermelon/ or an apple or about half a pineapple
  • Lunch: One large bowl of cabbage soup
  • Evening Snack: 2-3 medium sized cherry tomatoes
  • Dinner: One cup broccoli
  • Bed-time snacks: One bowl of cucumber/ carrots

Avoid bananas, mangoes and potatoes, corn or peas.

Day 4: Bananas and Milk

  • Breakfast: Two large bananas with a glass of skimmed milk (750 ml)
  • Lunch: Two large bananas with a glass of skimmed milk
  • Evening Snack: A bowl of cabbage soup.
  • Dinner: Two large bananas with a glass of skimmed milk
  • Bed-time snacks: Nothing

Substitutes: Regular milk can be substituted with soy milk and bananas with figs

Don’ts: Avoid adding any sweeteners, honey or sugar to the milk. Do not put cornstarch in the soup. Mostly prefer skimmed milk.

gm diet plan

Day 5: Meat

  • Breakfast: Three whole tomatoes
  • Lunch: 250 gm of meat of your choice with one large tomato
  • Evening Snack: Nothing
  • Dinner: A bowl of Tomato soup
  • Bed-time snacks: Nothing

 Choice of meat may include beef, chicken, eggs or fish. Vegetarians may substitute meat with cottage cheese, tofu and brown rice.

gm diet plan

Day 6: Meat

  • Breakfast: One bowl of Brussels sprouts or cucumber
  • Lunch: 250 gm of meat of your choice/ vegetarian substitute
  • Evening Snack: Nothing
  • Dinner: A bowl of Cabbage soup
  • Bed-time snacks: Nothing
gm diet plan

Day 7:  Vegetable and Fruit Juice

  • Breakfast: A large bowl of watermelon
  • Lunch: Brown rice, cottage cheese and a glass of fruit juice
  • Evening Snack: Nothing
  • Dinner: Brown rice with mixed vegetables of your choice and one or two glasses of fruit juice.
  • Bed-time snacks: Nothing

 Avoid adding any sweeteners to the fruit juice.

The key here is to restrict your daily diet to a preset number of calories and still be able to experiment with different food items in your platter.

Foods to Include in GM Diet

In addition to the above GM diet chart, some foods that can be included in the diet on alternate days but in limited amounts include-

  • black tea
  • green tea
  • sprouts
  • a handful of nuts (prefer cashews, almonds, walnuts and avoid ground nuts or raisins)
  • unsweetened black coffee

Foods to Avoid in GM Diet

However, there are some items that need to be strictly avoided during the course of this diet. For starters, consumption of any other kind of beverage apart from water, be it diet soda, alcohol or any other cold drink is prohibited whilst following the GM diet plan for weight loss. All kinds of junk food that we all love to binge eat, white flour and all sorts of packed foods shall also be avoided.

Indian GM Diet Plan

Points to remember while following Indian GM Diet Plan

  1. When people follow the Indian GM diet plan, they lose weight within the first three days as the carb intake is reduced by some 1000 calories a day.
  2. The Indian GM diet plan is a low-carb diet, so experts advise that low-intensity workouts like yoga must be done.
  3. For the first three days of following the Indian GM diet plan, there is no restriction on the quantity of food you intake. Also, avoid going to the gym in the first three days of the diet plan. So, as per experts, it is advised that you should eat more than the recommended amount on the remaining days of the diet plan if you wish to have better weight results.
  4. In the next seven days of starting the Indian GM diet plan for weight loss, you will lose about four to seven kgs of your weight.


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