green Chillies

Green Chillies
Hindi call: Hari Mirch

A spice without which Indian cuisine might be incomplete, the maximum commonplace type of chilli used apart from purple is the green. those are used with or without the stalks, complete or chopped, with seeds or deseeded. they are used clean, dried, powdered, pickled or in sauces.

although now not utilized in extra only a contact of green chilli is enough to make the dish highly spiced. inexperienced chilli usually combined with ginger and garlic, is very popularly used as masala in Indian household.


Savory dishes discover the maximum use of green chillies in curries, breads, meat dishes and stir fries. Tempering or tadka used in a variety of dishes is incomplete without green chillies. A spice blend called inexperienced seasoning added to curries makes use of inexperienced chillies along with a tweaked salsa recipe.

observe: usually select crisp, inexperienced, unwrinkled chilli. in case you’re looking for most effective a touch of chilli, upload deseeded. Be cautious while the use of the seeds, they can reason a burning sensation if hands aren’t washed properly.

nutritional price

With a highly spiced bite, these clean products are high in nutrients A and C.
green chillies are excessive in potassium and iron content material.

Did you understand?

opposite to the famous practice, water does not relieve the burning sensation of green chilli, milk or milk based totally products do.

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