Common excuses people make to skip workouts

The fruitful benefits of a workout don’t come easy. There will be hardships, but none that can be compared to the sight of a fit and toned body. While you shouldn’t be feeling the excess pressure of hitting the gym every day, don’t forget that the benefits of regular exercise are plenty. We bring you some common workout excuses that are often made to skip workouts. Don’t let these discourage you from your workout routine you started with much passion.

I didn’t sleep enough: To keep up with your morning workout commitment, you will have to sometimes give up on your 8-hour sleep. And this will mean that you will feel sleepy during the day. Try hitting the bed early to make up for the lost hours instead of skipping your workout.

I am feeling sore from yesterday’s workout: Those who are workout addicts love when workouts leave them sore but that’s not the case with a lot of people. Many fall off the routine when they experience pain, thinking it’s not suiting their body. But that’s not the case. A sore workout body means that you just bolted your body enough to stimulate change. Instead of skipping your workout the next day, try some stretching exercises that will help the muscles to heal.

I am feeling tired: Some people skip workout because they have a general sense of fatigue. It is noteworthy that working out depletes feeling of tiredness and in fact prepares you for the long day ahead. However, if this feeling of tiredness persists, it is good to consult your doctor and get some basic tests done.

I am menstruating: There are researches that prove the benefits of workout during your monthly cycle. So if your menses are not heavy accompanied by extreme pain, try not to skip your workout. Menstruation is a natural process and it is no reason to skip workout.

I ate cautiously so I don’t need to workout: We all know that it is 80 per cent diet and 20 per cent workout and most of us do the math in our head calculating the number of calories we consume. Many don’t feel the need to exercises if they are within the calorie limit but this is not a valid reason to skip workout. Workout has innumerable benefits that dieting alone can’t provide.

I want to get pregnant: It is a very commonly believed myth that workout will interfere with your prospects of getting pregnant. Most women stop exercising when they get the ‘good news’. In fact the opposite is true. Moderate exercise is extremely good for a woman who is preparing for pregnancy.


My gym buddy is not coming: Your fitness journey is yours alone. It is always an added bonus to share common goals with a friend but being dependent solely on your gym buddy is a dangerous sign, especially if it starts to decide the fate of your workout. The motivation to workout should come from within and soon it will become an inseparable part of your life.


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I have an important meeting to attend: You think working out before an important meeting will make you lose focus? As a matter of fact, workouts release endorphins in your body and that charges you for the day. A recent study conducted at the University of British Columbia found that aerobic exercise that gets your heart pumping strong ‘appears to boost the size of the hippocampus, the brain area involved in verbal memory and learning’. So heading to the gym before an important assignment is a good idea.


I just came back from vacation: This is all the more reason to hit the gym. Do you know most people who stop their workout routine, do so after staying away from workout for a couple of days? And as all the remnants of a relaxing morning at the beach start to melt out, so does the desire to workout. But this can cost you your health so get into your workout gear and head out!

I can’t wash my hair today: Yes, this indeed is one of the reasons a few women skip workout on some days. A heavy cardio leaves you with sweaty skin and messy hair and shampooing after every workout session is a big no-no as it zaps all moisture from your hair, making it very dry. And even if you resort to dry shampoo, remember you can’t condition your hair. Well, talk to the guy at your salon as there are a number of products in the market that can help you with this issue.




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