3 ways to achieve your workout goals

We’re all aware of regularly the significance of working out . But the excuse of `I swear I’ll start working out tomorrow’ is what keeps deferring it. Here are some mantras to keep you going…

Speak to yourself.
No one can motivate you better than yourself, so be your own trainer. Keep telling yourself that you can do better.Doing five more squats each day or jogging for 10 more minutes can alter your state of mind, and push you to do better.
Set small goals.
Setting unrealistic goals is a major reason why most of us stop midway and have no intention of getting back to the exercise schedule.Modify your goals if need be, take small steps and keep going.
Pay attention.

 Just like you watch what you eat, be mindful of your exercise regime. While working out, watch yourself in the mirror -as you register what you’re doing, and what body part you’re working on, you gradually observe changes in your b o d y .

Once you make this body-mind connect, it helps you focus better and you tend to be consistent.




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