Why Cheating Never Helps in Rummy and Honest Gaming Works Best?

If you are a fan of Indian rummy then you may be aware of the need to be honest. A good player of rummy card game is always honest and tries to win the game through tact and not treachery. There are reasons why cheating never works in your favour in a game of rummy and honesty always does. Here we have tried to evaluate these reasons in greater detail:

If You Are Honest, Your Mind Is Busy Doing the Following:

An honest person wishes to win the rummy card game through fair means. That is why he avoids cheating and tries to do things the fair way. Here are things that a honest person would do in order to win the game:

Grasping the Rules

An honest player will take special efforts to master the game. He will take pains to understand the rules governing the game. He will first understand the rummy terminology. Once that is done, he will try and understand the different ways in which sequences and melds are made.

Finding Gaps to Complete Sequences

The goal of every rummy card games player is to complete the hand on time. This means that he needs to have a keen eye on the gaps in his sequences and sets. He should know where there exists a probability of completion and try to achieve it through his consistent efforts.

Finding Ways to Reduce Points

Life or the formation of the required basic sequences is just the first step. Once a person playing rummy has formed the life, his next aim to find ways to reduce points. This is because if anyone calls it rummy after you have made your life, the points in your hand are counted. If it is a series game, these points may prevent you from winning. Even during rummy tournaments, points can hold much significance.

Understanding What Each Disposed Card Tells You

A good player knows the importance to understand the meaning of each disposed card. If your opponent is disposing a low point card at the beginning of the game, it could either mean he is desperate to make life and is making space for better cards; or it could mean his life is already formed and he is very close to making a hand. Each card the opponent disposes tells you what sequences the opponent doesn’t want to make. You can be more alert about the cards you dispose based on this knowledge.

Comprehending When You Should Drop Your Hand

Sometimes, even the best players have to give up in rummy. A bad hand may prevent you from winning a game. You may understand this fact at the very beginning of the game or half way through the game. It is for you to decide whether to continue playing or drop the hand.

When you are cheating, you are eager to do the following:

While the honest players constantly try to understand and live up to the rules of the game, the cheaters do quite the converse. They try hard to cheat and break rules. They are so busy cheating in the game that they fail to come up with interesting strategies to beat the opponent. Here are some common behaviour trends of cheaters during rummy games:

Get Away with The Rules

The cheaters never think rules are really important. They may try to break rules and find a way to win. They may have a peek into the hand of the opponent just to have a hint of what cards he is holding.

Win by Hook or By Crook

Discipline is not a habit of cheaters. They know they are incapable of winning through fair means. That is why they will try crooked ways to win. They may speak or distract during the game so that the player is unable to concentrate. They may try to hamper the confidence of the opponent through improper tricks and tactics.

More Inquisitive About Others’ Moves

Unlike honest players who are always trying to win by fair means and are focussed on their own moves, the cheaters are always interested on what others are doing. This inquisitiveness maybe very close to nosiness and can prove annoying for most other players on the table.

Rummy is a skills game and playing it honestly helps you develop certain skills. Cheating only reduces your chances of acquiring those skills. Moreover, cheating also lowers your own confidence because you feel you are incapable of winning the game by fair means. That is why it is best to play rummy honestly and take time to understand the nuances of the game.

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