5 ways to manage a fitness regime at work

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Sitting for long hours on work stations and commuting for several hours take a toll not only on the mind but also on the body. It is only when one is agile mentally and physically that this energy gets transferred at work and leads to improved performance.

A fit body and mind is not only productive but also transmits a positive energy at workplaces. The question that arises is how does one get started with fitness at the workplace? ET reports five ways to stay fit at the workplace.

1. Keep Moving
Do not sit for more than half an hour. Take quick breaks in between. “Sitting is the new smoking. Sitting down can lead to diabetes, high blood pressure and other illness,” says Sunjay Ghai, CEO, Revofit. Ghai recommends getting an adjustable standing desk. “Have stand-up meetings and walking meeting to keep moving,” he suggests.

2. Rest Your Eyes
Make a conscious effort to blink often while looking at the computer screen. “Take intervals and splash water in the eyes wide open after filling up the mouth with water. This yoga technique helps keep the eyes healthy,” says Yoga guru Surakshit Goswami. This should be done at least six times a day.

3. Eat Nuts, Not Samosas
Avoid greasy samosas and burgers when hungry between meals. Best to get an extra tiffin with nuts and fruits. “Carry nuts and seed mix and keep it on your desk to have a healthy snack when you’re hungry,” says Ghai.

4. Straight Spine
Be aware about the most vital part of the body that holds it together— the spine. Consciously keep your spine straight to avoid a stiff neck. “Tadasana or stand-up pose is very good to maintain a good posture. This does not take much space and can be easily done at your work station,” says Goswami. “Do quick desk-based exercises based on yoga to open up your hips and align your back, and keep your posture right to counter hours of sitting in front of a computer,” says Ghai.

5. Keep Smiling
To ward off negativity at the workplace, it is best to wear a smile. “Force yourself to smile. Pin up a reminder to smile on your desktop. Your smiling face can be the positive force at office,” says Goswami. “Participating in wellness programmes will keep your mind calm,” says Ghai.


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