#WhatWeEat: All Your Diet and Nutrition Questions Answered

Thank you for the overwhelming response to our #WhatWeEat campaign. We got a lot of questions about diet, nutrition, healthy eating habits etc. And as promised, we have got experts to answer all your questions.

This week, Rupali Datta, Clinical Nutritionist has answered some of your queries below.

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Please suggest a good diet plan for my diabetic mother who is now 51 years of age. Her current diet includes no fruits, 2-wheat rotis and some boiled or less oily vegetable. She doesn’t eat any rice and any sugary foods.

It is not possible for a complete diet plan here but keep these points in mind:

  • Eat at the same time daily
  • Last meal at 8 pm
  • Three main meals and 3 small snacks
  • Whole grains in every meal- choose whole wheat, barley, bajra, kuttu, brown rice, parboiled rice these help control sugars
  • Add a protein to every meals – paneer, besan, daals especially whole and sprouted daals if she takes non veg then fish, chicken breast or mutton. Proteins are necessary for maintaining health and are very important for sugar control the diet you have outlined is almost protein free
  • Milk/dahi at least 500 mls of skimmed or low fat
  • Lots of veggies
  • At least 5 teaspoons of a healthy oil like Peanut, rice bran, cannola in combination with mustard. Boiled and fat free diet is unhealthy
  • All spices are healthy, boiled food is tasteless and doesn’t really help . she needs to eat with the family, your food will be more healthy that way, do not cook separately for her. Please contact a qualified clinical nutritionist near you she needs a healthy life style for a life time not one day

I am suffering from PCOS since a year. And I have been gaining weight due to this issue. I have consulted a lot of doctors, but no results yet. Please advise.

You should have consulted a clinical nutritionist along with your doctor, cannot give you a detailed advice but some pointers:

  • Lots of Fibre: Include whole grains about 45 gm per meal, lots of vegetables, whole fruits, legumes
  • Eat adequate proteins, include one in every meal
  • Loose weight with a balanced meal and exercise combination
  • Eat three major meals and three fibrous snacks in between
  • Nuts are a good replacement for cookies-eat 28 gms daily
  • Make your plate colourful by adding different vegetables
  • Include 2-3 servings of low fat dairy daily .one serving is 200 ml

Please suggest a specific diet to be taken by someone having gall bladder stones.

If the patient is asymptomatic, a normal diet can be followed. Gall stones may cause discomfort after a meal with high fats so avoid fried foods and cook in moderate oil. The normal good eating practices of regular meals, early dinner, chewing food, eating at the dinning table, not lying down immediately after a meal also help. There are no specific foods that are avoided or recommended unless they are identified to cause discomfort.


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