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This One Simple Trick Can Help You Lose Weight

This One Simple Trick Can Help You Lose Weight

“Health comes first!”- The health concern which is often mislead by the masses by getting snared between the concept of dieting and meal planning.

The Fight

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For say, you being an individual sets a mind to follow a diet resulting in weight loss. Now, here are two ways to walk on this path which is DIETING- a state where you cut down on several foods and nutrients which perhaps show dropped results on weighing machine with zero to minimal sustainability on the other hand, MEAL PLANNING- an approach with a will to achieve healthy weight loss comprising all the food groups with long-term sustainability.

Insight to dieting and meal planning

The sheer difference between dieting and meal planning is not just limited to long-term weight sustainability, it has more to offer in terms of health perks followed by variety, balance, and moderation in diet. While following a diet, your ability to include variety of meals is lost typically, due to several food groups’ elimination which further results in essential vitamins and minerals loss. In addition, dieting don’t stress the necessity of moderation, either you have too much of some specific food or don’t have it at all. How so ever, meal planning i.e., eating healthy enables you to add variety of food to maintain a balance in the diet while focusing on moderation in-between all the food groups!

Major highlights

Dieting in perspective of weight-loss is limited to food and nutrition, but meal planning is healthy and balanced.

While dieting, access over food choices is formed by setting a single goal which is the weight drop. But the food choices are shaped by engaging in a healthful and dynamic eating with numerous health benefits when you choose to opt for meal planning.

Spot The Differences Between Dieting And Meal Planning

Before embarking on any health and wellness program, make sure to research well to see which program has to offer you heaps of health benefits than just the mere inch loss. Here are few keys to identify distinguished difference between dieting and meal planning.

1. Sustainable Results

Health and wellness program focuses on gradual and steady weight loss which is sustainable over the time period. Whereas, diets focusing on cutting down the fat and calories quickly for swift weight loss often has temporary results.

2. Holistic Approach

Developing a holistic approach is to execute healthy lifestyle changes with guarantee desirable goal. By doing so, you eat to embrace your health which further leads to a healthy weight loss. But in dieting there’s an exclusive focus on strict eating habits.

3. Stress On Choices Not On End Results

Meal planning always stress on the choices (choice to food, nutrition, eating habits and lifestyle) to attain your goal, not simply on end results. Dieting is generally highly restricted with strict instructions to what exactly to eat and drink, rather than allowing to make choices.

4. No Gimmicks

Meal planning offers no quick fixes for obesity or related illnesses. It requires dedication to attain a healthy body and sustainable weight loss. However, dieting usually offers gimmicks to persuade you to shed 10-15 kgs that in month.

Take home message

No matter even if dieting leads to quick and fasten weight loss, as it also bounces back with same speed resulting bad health conditions. So now you decide, Dieting Or Meal Planning? Choice is all yours at the end!

(Nmami Agarwal is nutritionist at Nmami Life)

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