WATCH | Narrow escape for 2 men as elephant attacks car, topples it over

WATCH | Narrow escape for 2 men as elephant attacks car, topples its over

wo men in Uttarakhand had a narrow escape after coming across an elephant in the Jim Corbett National Park. The men, both teachers, were on their way to work in a car when they came across an elephant near Ramnagar on National Highway 121.

The Ramnagar section of the highway cuts through the Jim Corbett National Park and this section is a classified elephant corridor. The section is shut for traffic during the night in order to keep the national park’s animals safe and to prevent mishaps exactly like the one that took place this morning.

The two teachers were on their way to work when they saw an elephant advancing towards them on the highway.

Afraid, the two men brought their vehicle to a halt and fled from the car. Forest guards from a picket nearby heard the commotion and arrived on the scene.

A video, shot from a distance, shows what happened next.

In the video, the elephant is seen toying with the teachers’ car. At the same time, two men who seem to be forest department officers are seen discussing how to get the elephant to move back to the jungle.

One of the forest department officers is carrying a gun but initially he does not look inclined to using it.

The elephant ultimately moved back to the jungle after the forest guards fire in the air

The two officers instead resort to loud shouts. The officers’ shouts increase in frequency as the elephant intensifies its efforts to topple the car over, a Maruti Suzuki hatchback.

Finally, with the screams failing to have any effect, one of the forest officers resorts to firing in the air.

In the end, the elephant did wander back to the jungle but not


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