Top 5 Exercises for Your BFF and You

Top 5 Exercises for Your BFF and You

Fitness is elusive. It requires you to be disciplined and maintain consistency. Not all of us feel motivated to get up early in the morning for a run. However, a certain amount of nagging and pushing from our partner or a friend can make a world of a difference. A study commissioned by Virgin Active – a chain of health clubs operational across the globe – found that working out with a friend or a partner can yield better results over going solo. Those who exercised in groups were seen to be more consistent and felt motivated as compared to those who came alone.

Any form of activity when done in isolation can get monotonous and boring. If you ask a friend to tag along, it only begins to get better. Not only you get some ‘extra’ time to spend with each other but also get a chance to help and push one another to achieve your goals.


We’ve put together five exciting exercises that will help you stay in shape and also let you and your bestie have loads of fun. Coordination and communication are essential to perform the following exercises, so grab your BFF (best friend forever) and give it a go right away.


1. The Ab Box


Lie flat on the floor and hold your partner’s ankles. The person on top should be in a high plank position facing the opposite direction and holding your ankles. The partner on the floor rolls-up while the other person goes into a pike making 90 degree angle with the body. This exercise is great for core strength and control.

ab box

2. The Pillow Pass

Lie flat on your back in opposite directions. Hold arms to lightly support each other. Keep a pillow in between your feet and perform a reverse crunch passing the pillow to the other partner. This works on your lower abdominal muscles.

pillow pass bodypower

3. Human Butt Lift


Get down on all fours with you elbows and knees on the floor. Extend one leg up, bending the knee at 90 degrees. You partner remains on the floor and places their feet on the sole of your extended leg. Continue performing kickbacks and tone your butt. Repeat on both legs and take turns with your partner.

butt lift bodypower

4. The Paddle Boat


Lie down on the floor facing each other; bring your feet together and lift your hips off the floor. Bring your knee in, one after the other, while performing cycling motion. Make sure that your upper body remains relaxed and hips are lifted up all the time.

paddle boat bodypower

5. Extreme Sit-Ups


Sit cross-legged on your partner’s feet while she rests in a standard sit-ups position. Let you partner perform sit-ups. Switch positions and repeat.

situps bodypower


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