Smriti Irani Reveals Why She is Jealous of ‘Bro’ and Fitness Guru Micky Mehta in Insta Post

Union Minister Smriti Irani recently revealed that she is friends with none other than India’s premier fitness, yoga and wellness guru Mickey Mehta. Irani, who is very active on social media, recently took to Instagram to share the side of her life.

On Sunday, she posted two back-to-back “stories” on her Insta handle featuring Mehta, whom she addressed as a “bro”. Posting a picture of Mehta posing with a plate of gulab jamun, a popular dessert during festivals and feats in India, Irani wrote, “Hate the fact that he eats gulab jamuns an still has a 6-pack”.


In a consequent post, she shared an image of Mehta taking a bite into the delectable sweet. “Not many know that fitness guru Mickey Mehta is my bro…Kahan woh, kahan main, (Look at him and look at me)” the Amethi MP wrote.

Mickey, who is also a TV presenter and a holistic yoga and wellness expert, responded to Smiriti’s shout out with an equally pally quip. “Dearest Smriti, your mental fitness beats me. I promise to hand walk with you. Let’s get optimized, let’s get #Mickeymized!!!”

Turns out, Mehta is related to Smriti on his wife’s side and is also a great friend of hers. This year, they even visited the Kumbh Mela together, as per a report in Hindustan Times.

This is not the first time that Irani, who is quite popular for her funny and witty ‘Grams, took at crack at her own fitness through memes and posts.


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