Reach your fitness goals with Vitagene’s DNA reports

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Our genes can tell us a lot about ourselves. They provide insight into who we are, where we come from, and how various lifestyle choices affect our health. There are a lot of DNA testing kits out there, but if you want to learn more than just where your great-great grandparents came from, consider Vitagene, the DNA ancestry test service that uses your DNA to create actionable diet and exercise reports for reaching your fitness goals. You can get a Vitagene DNA Ancestry Test Kit & Personalized Health Plan on sale for $69 today.

Vitagene works just like the other DIY DNA test services in that it accurately analyzes your DNA from a simple mouth swab, but it costs just a fraction of the price.

The Vitagene DNA Ancestry Kit will give you a broader understanding of who you are and where your family came from. It’ll offer data that can help you to make better dietary choices, optimize your exercise routines, and more so you’ll be as healthy as you can be. It’ll even build a health plan that’s personalized just for you.

If you’ve tried to get healthy and failed like so many, maybe it’s time to give science a try. Pick up the Vitagene DNA Ancestry Kit, normally $99, discounted to just $69 for a limited time.


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