How To Rapidly Grow Your Small Fitness Studio In Just One Year

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Why do some fitness studios consistently grow while others fail?

Massive growth comes from raising all standards of your business together. After working with thousands of personal trainers around the world, I’ve noticed some common themes that will help you speed up your success, whether you’re thinking about opening a studio or simply want to get to the next level.

1. Focus on your self-care first.

Your self-care should be daily and non-negotiable. If you’re in an energy-draining relationship, experiencing stress from a business partner or have unresolved issues with family, all this affects your state of mind. If you don’t look after your own mental health, you may see some level of success, but you will never reach true fulfillment. Meditation, time off, fun activities and massages are all examples of self-care that you should be scheduling into your calendar.

2. Create an exceptional team that matches your values.

You’ve probably heard the term “A-players.” While it’s important to have these on your team, it’s even more important that everyone in your company is aligned with your mission and values. If fun is one of your top values, but of your staff is always bringing stress and anxiety, this will shift the energy of the whole team, in turn shifting the outcome of your results. When your team and your goals are out of alignment, you will encounter problems, such as staff not holding high standards.

3. Build strong studio systems.

A system is a step-by-step process that can be repeated by someone. Every part of your business has systems — from how you generate leads to how you sell to how you onboard clients. A strong system is simple, has small steps, produces a consistent result, and allows someone new to easily follow. Over the next week, think of one system to improve at your studio.

4.  Introduce extreme accountability.

When you only hold your clients to a low standard, they will fail to move forward with you. When you implement extreme accountability that actually promotes new behavior, however, you will start to notice that more and more clients will stay on as part of your community.

5. Sell transformations, not time.

Instead of selling and offering sessions or blocks of sessions, when you sell a transformational outcome, you will get more committed clients, more revenue up front, and you will change the dynamic of your studio. When you have your next conversation with a prospect, discover what outcome they are seeking and offer a transformational package.


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