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Peach is a type of fruit that comes from the deciduous peach tree native to China and South Asia. Peaches are seen with high regard in Chinese culture. In many other cultures, peaches have got historical significance. The fruit is in the size of a small apple. It is usually yellow or whitish in color and has a velvety or a very smooth texture with a juicy pulp. Peach is also available in red and pink colors. It has a single seed and is oval shaped about 1.3-2cm long. China is the world’s largest producer of peaches.

The peach tree bears many fruits during the months of May and September. Depending on what strength the seed is attached to the pulp, the fruit is categorised as free-stone variety or clinging seed variety.


It is a member of the rose family, closely related to cherries, plums and apricots.

The most commonly found peach varieties are:

Yellow flesh peaches: This variety is commonly found in the U.S. These yellow-fleshed fruits are more acidic than white fleshed ones.

White flesh peaches: Commonly found in the Asia region, these peaches are sweet and less tangy. They also have a smoother texture.

Clingstone peaches: The softer juicer peaches are mostly used for canning and preserving purposes. It is essentially used for baking.

Nutritional Value

Peaches are low in saturated fats and cholesterol. They are a good source of vitamin A and B-carotene which helps to convert vitamin A in the body. Peaches also have a high content of potassium, iron and fluoride.

Did You Know?

Peaches reduces hair fall and is a great moisturizer and is often used in cosmetics.
It is known as the ‘Fruit of Calmness’ in Hungary as it helps to reduce anxiety.
This fruit is a symbol of good luck in China.


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