What Are the Online Education Trends in 2021?

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Take a closer look at the online education trends and get ready for the future of education!

As we advance into the third quarter of 2020, recruiters and educators are watching ahead and wondering whether there is a possibility of reopening education campuses and in-person teaching anytime soon. The ongoing pandemic has transformed several aspects of human life, including education and potential online education trends. It has urged global experimentation with remote teaching, and most students accepted the transition from in-person to online learning.

The idea of traditional education has changed profoundly within the last couple of months, resulting in the popularity and mass acceptance of online learning. With the cutting-edge technological advancements in this field, we might be entering a new era that revolutionizes online education. Few significant reasons for online education gaining approval are:

  • Flexibility
  • Accessibility
  • Cost-effective
  • A wide selection of programs
  • Customized learning

Due to the soaring acceptance of virtual learning, we can expect to see the following online education trends in 2021.

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Online Education Trends in 2021

“Prediction is very difficult, especially about the future.” – Neils Bohr, Danish physicist, and Nobel Prize winner

Increase in Microlearning

Microlearning is the newest trend in the education industry. It provides relevant information to students in an exciting manner by dividing the course material into small, manageable portions for an optimal learning experience. Most people are unable to provide attention to a matter for more than a couple of minutes or an hour.

As online education is entering the mainstream, students are looking for more straightforward and easier strategies to acquire knowledge, and this is where microlearning enters the scene. It allows learners to grasp bite-sized information quickly and effectively.

A great example of microlearning is the language learning application Duolingo which allows users to learn a piece of any language in small, frequent lessons. Over the next year, as far as online education trends go, we can expect to witness an increase in such educational applications and microlearning.

Game-Based Learning

Game-based learning or Gamification is one of the most exciting online education trends in the future academic world. It basically packages education and learning within a neat game and is mainly designed to educate players by interactive content and storyline.

With online education gaining rapid momentum, we can expect educators to implement Gamification in academic teaching and make the learning experience more fun and exciting for the students.

Game-based learning is extremely helpful in teaching essential skills like problem-solving, typing, adaptation, etc.

The surge in Cross-Platform Learning Applications

Learning has always been a time-consuming activity. Luckily, the availability of smartphones has provided students with another platform to attain education. Smartphones can be used as a learning platform on the go, making educational content accessible for anyone at any place and at any time.

This will increase utility for students and impact their learning potential drastically. A great example of a cross-platform learning application is StuDocu, which enables students to access their study material on the go.

Cloud-Based Social Learning

By the upcoming year, cloud-based social learning is expected to shape the future of online education. Social networks will provide open teaching methods through which students can freely exchange information on the internet and become an essential tool for learning in the future.

Increase in Personalized Learning

Online education is taking over traditional classroom-based education by providing students with a personalized learning experience that eliminates location, time, and device constraints.

Traditional classroom lectures might not be useful for everyone, as each individual has a different pace of understanding and interest. Therefore, it is crucial to provide learners with an avenue that fosters the most effective learning process.

Personalized learning is one of the online education trends that would dominate the coming year.

Video-Based Peer-to-Peer Learning

Video-based, live streaming or peer to peer networks are extensively adopted by education systems and emerging with different instructional uses such as self-reflection, evaluation, collaboration, self-assessment, and coaching.

As the world moves towards remote learning, video-based peer learning can improve engagement and provide quick access to professionals worldwide. With so many free and low-cost video platforms available, we can expect the use to grow, primarily due to smartphone devices’ capabilities.

Final Thoughts on Education trends

The concept of conventional education has changed dramatically since the inception and mass acceptance of online education. The world is busy in remote teaching experimentation, and these are only some of the online education trends that may impact learning in the future.


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