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Have you ever wondered how Jonathan dos Santos keeps his game at the highest level? There is no doubt his talent and hard work play huge roles, but you might be surprised to know that nutrition is equally as important to him and his performance.

I’ve learned over the past couple seasons that quality, healthy foods are a top priority for Jona. Today, I decided to sit down with him to get a quick dish on his nutrition for you all.

BE: How important is nutrition for you and your game?

JDS: Nutrition is very important because I have learned that it helps with the overall quality of life.  It improves your energy levels and helps you recover faster after training and games.

BE: When did you realize nutrition played a role in your performance?

JDS: I think I realized the importance as I started to grow up. I saw that as you get older, it becomes more difficult to recover and perform at a high level every day. My coach at Villarreal was very strict with nutrition and stressed how important it was for soccer players. I saw that after my knee injury it was necessary to take care of my eating habits to make sure I came back stronger.

BE: What are your daily priorities when it comes to nutrition?

JDS: I like to make sure I start my day with a lot of water and a good breakfast. This helps me keep good habits all day.

BE: What does a pre-game meal look like for you?

JDS: My pre-game meal is very simple. I like to have pasta, chicken and salad. It has everything I need to get me ready to play.

BE: Do you have a favorite post-training or post-game meal?

JDS: I like to have my recovery shake after training and then follow it with a healthy lunch like salmon with quinoa and salad.

BE: What is your favorite food to cook?

JDS: (laughing) I don’t really cook that much to be honest. Mostly just eggs and salads. But I like to get all my food from Whole Foods or Erewhon. And my favorite restaurants to order food from are Kreation and Sweetfin.

BE: Okay, okay, but what is your favorite meal on the whole planet??

JDS: Tacos! (more laughing) I really love tacos.

There ya have it! That’s how Jonathan dos Santos fuels his game.

Nutrition for the Win!



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