Milk is a dairy product derived from the mammary gland of mammals. Milk is used worldwide as food for people. it’s also transformed into dairy merchandise like cheese, butter, curd, cream etc. current industries use milk to provide casein, lactose, whey protein, powdered milk, condensed milk and other industrial merchandise. those who are lactose intolerent use soy or almond milk.Lactose is a disaccharide sugar this is observed in milk.

Milk and milk products have to be bought clean. Milk should be stored in refrigerator below 40 diploma Fahrenheit however it should by no means be stored near the door of the refrigerator wherein it’s far susceptible to heat air from the outlet and last the door. Milk for intake is normally derived from cows, goats, buffloes and sheeps.

dietary value

1. consuming milk is a first rate way to prevent tooth decay as milk is known to lessen the extent of acidity inside the mouth. It also fights plaque formation and reduces the hazard of cavities.

2. It is right for health as it promises electricity.

three. it is important for constructing and keeping tissues.

4. diet B6 in milk facilitates within the formulation of crimson blood cells.

five. Calcium present in milk helps in building bones and teeth.

6. Milk also includes zinc that plays an essential position within the immune system, and is right for the eyes.

Did you realize?

The dependancy of ingesting milk became popular in Afghanistan about 10, 000 years in the past.

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