Luke Coutinho Shares Technique To Help You Relax And Reduce Impact Of Negative Stress

Luke Coutinho Shares Technique To Help You Relax And Reduce Impact Of Negative Stress

In the fast-paced, highly competitive world, it’s important to talk about the impact of stress that has become a major concern for many people across the globe. Holistic lifestyle coach, Luke Coutinho discussed the impact of chronic stress and shared a technique that will help keep your body relaxed. In a Facebook video, Luke said that you need to stop seeing stress as something negative. Stress is good, he added, explaining that it is a survival mechanism built into us. “However, the issue is everyone sees stress as something negative which builds a negative feeling, experience, behaviour towards it,” Luke said, adding the people must take steps to avoid chronic stress.

Addressing the issues related to chronic stress, Luke Coutinho said that short-term stress is good for your overall health and growth, but the problem arises when it becomes chronic. Chronic stress leads to high levels of adrenal and cortisol in your body. Your estrogen becomes high while testosterone falls, and you are in a fight and flight response that is not meant to last for a long period of time. If we remain in the fight and flight mode for a longer duration, it can adversely affect our health. He also added that a better diet, sleep hygiene, or even regular exercise cannot undo the damage that stress does to your body.

In the video, Luke Coutinho suggested that you should know how to build inner peace, learn how to relax, slow down so that at least your cortisol and adrenal come down even when the stress still exists.

Luke Coutinho suggested the following technique that will help you relax:

1) Make about four to five playlists of songs that you like. A playlist could have songs that remind you of your childhood or even your teenage years. Another one could be your favourite love songs and so on.

2) Now, listen to the songs right before you go to bed at night. Listen to the songs mindfully. Try to connect with the song, music, rhythm vocals, voice and basically everything. Try to immerse yourself fully into the music.  You can use one playlist per day.

How is this technique beneficial?

The very act of listening to the music that you like will drop your cortisol and adrenalin, he said. If a song is making you nostalgic, it is also making your brain think and exercise which is good.

Moreover, with this technique, you will be able to rejuvenate neurons in your brain and at the same time integrate feeling, emotion, frequency, vibration, and rhythm. This is a very powerful way to relax.  “The kind of healing you create in your body through music is extraordinary,” Luke added.


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