How to lose weight: Try these 5-minute fat burning exercises for quick weight loss

how to lose weight

You may have figured out how to lose weight but we bet your plan involves keeping yourself motivated and hitting the gym regularly. And no matter how much you convince yourself that you will be disciplined enough to actually carry out your plan, you almost never manage to do it. We don’t blame you, though. With your hectic work schedule and demanding career, we can understand that it’s difficult to both find the time required to work out and actually have the energy to drag yourself to the gym. But don’t fret. Your weight loss attempts are quite as doomed as you may think, because we have just the solution to your problem. Turns out, all you need is 5 minutes at home to burn some fat with these exercises that will help you lose weight. Sounds doable? You won’t know until you try.

How to lose weight: 5-minute fat burning exercises

While you’re only dedicating 5 minutes of your time to exercise, you should be prepared for an intensive workout session. If practiced every day, these 8 fat-burning workouts, which are circuit training exercises, will help your body burn fat within no time. These exercises could be performed at home or in any open space. Each of these exercises will not take you longer than 30 seconds to 1 minute. All you need in order to carry them out is a mat, a skipping rope and a towel.

1. Inverted V Pipe Exercise (30 seconds)

To be performed on a mat, this exercise is excellent for the abs. Lie flat on your stomach on the floor. To ensure a smooth movement for your body, place your toes on the towel. Balance the weight of your body on your toes and hands with your hands placed firmly on the ground. Make an inverted V shape with your legs, pulling them close to your body. Next, stretch your legs backward while pushing them away from your hands. For about 30 seconds, use your legs to pull and push. This movement will not only work your abs but also your arms, core muscles and lower back.

2. W Leg Lifts Exercise (30 seconds)

This exercise is great for your abs and legs. To begin, lie flat with your back on the mat. Keeping your legs close together, lift them straight up until they reach your stomach. Now, lower your legs and stretch them in opposite directions while doing; before bringing them back up to your stomach. Again, when you bring them down, close them together and pull them up. Continue this movement for 30 seconds. As you proceed, you’ll feel a burning sensation in your abdomen and legs. This exercise is one of the best ways to lose fat on the lower parts of your body.

3. Superman Exercise (30 seconds)

This exercise is one of the best and most effective ones to reduce belly fat and tone your stomach. It is a power-packed exercise that also works your thighs, abs and lower back. After you’re done performing the previous exercise (W lifts), turn around to face the ground. Stretch out your body on the ground while keeping your hands and legs straight. Balance yourself on your stomach and try to lift your chest and thighs at the same time. Try to keep a straight posture throughout this movement. Repeat this movement for 30 seconds.

4. Jump Squats Exercise (30 seconds)

A form of cardio exercise, jump squats are a great way to lose weight. They are also included in various fitness regimes since they are so power-packed. Jump squats are known to work your entire body but they especially focus on toning your thighs. To begin this exercise, stand up straight with your feet shoulder-width apart. Squat as much as you can by bending down. But while you rise, you need to exit in a jump. Repeat the squatting and jumping while rising movement for 30 seconds. The intensity of this workout will make you sweat and get your heart beat racing. Ensure you squat deep for better, more effective results. You will soon witness weight-loss if you perform this exercise regularly.

5. Single Leg Lift Jump Exercise (1 minute)

Another effective workout to lose weight and tone your body, this exercise simultaneously works the back of your thigh and core muscles. It will help you gain balance too. To begin, stand straight and lift your left leg off the ground. Try to touch your hands to the ground and jump as you rise. Be sure to keep your left leg bent and raised throughout the movement. Do not strain it. Touch the ground before jumping on your right foot. Perform this exercise for 30 seconds. Then continue the same way with the other leg while bending your right knee.

6. Push-up and Knee Kick Exercise (30 seconds)

This exercise requires very less space to perform and it is highly effective for weight-loss. It is a variation of the traditional push-up and is great for losing arm fat, especially on your upper arm. But be warned that it will require you to do a proper push-up. Lie flat on the ground, before rising with your hands and feet. Consider this as your beginning position. After performing one push-up, return to your starting position. Bring your right knee forward to touch your right elbow. Then do the same with your left knee, bringing it up to your left elbow. You need to repeat this complete exercise for 30 seconds. You can begin with a push-up, switch to knee-kicks before returning to do a push-up again. This exercise, if performed regularly, will make your strengthen core and arms.

7. Bent Leg Rotating Exercise (1 minute)

This exercise is beneficial for your abs and inner thighs. Stand upright with your hands placed at the back of your head. This posture will bring concentrate on your legs and give you more strength. Bend your right leg and lift it to your waist. Rotate your leg in circular movements by keeping your knee bent at all times. Rotate at the front for 15 seconds before rotating the same leg at the back for 15 seconds. After completing the right leg, move to the left leg and perform the same exercise.

8. Skipping (30 seconds)

If you’re wondering how to lose weight on your thighs and stomach, this exercise is the ultimate solution. Jump for 30 seconds using your skipping rope. You can jump at a normal speed for the first 20 seconds before moving on to more intensive jumps for the next 10 seconds. It is preferable that you jump with both your legs simultaneously. Ensure to keep your knees and back straight while skipping.

These 8 exercises will take up only 5 minutes of your time per day, and are a great and simple way to lose weight without having to hit the gym. Try these exercises in the morning on an empty stomach for best results. You could consume 2 glasses of water an hour before you perform these exercises. This will help you flush out the toxins in your body. A short 10 seconds break after each exercise to catch your breath is permitted. But if done diligently and regularly, these 5-minute exercises are the fastest answer to all your queries on how to lose weight.