Weight loss: Can probiotics help you lose weight?

Packed-probiotics have taken over the aisle of all the grocery stores. From yogurt to kefir, there is an all-new trend of having probiotic food items and it’s a rage among the fitness enthusiasts, well the reason is quite obvious, it is good for your gut health.

Studies suggest that probiotic foods are not only good for our digestive health but also help in improving the immune system, mood, and skin. Another reason why there is so much buzz around probiotics is because it is linked with weight loss. But do you think that probiotics can really help you drop the number on your scale?

The link between probiotics and weight

Probiotics are good for gut health, which is necessary for the proper functioning of other systems of your body. Gut health plays a major role in increasing your metabolism and the likelihood of gaining weight. It is the gut where all the essential nutrients, micronutrients and minerals, required for the body are absorbed. Any problem in the gut can make the body deficient of key nutrients. So, it is crucial to keep your gut happy and healthy for better body functioning. Based on the same, some scientists suggested that having probiotics can make it easier to lose weight.

Can probiotics really help in weight loss?
Unfortunately, if you want to shed kilos, only having probiotics is not going to help you. Scientists were not able to find enough evidence to support the relationship between gut bacteria and waistline. Probiotics are good for your health and you can consume them in moderation. However, when it comes to weight loss, having proper food and performing intense exercise is the only way out. Include all type of veggies and fruits in your diet to shed kilos.