Junk meals will boom you blood sugar tiers just like type 2 diabetes

Junk food will increase you blood sugar levels just like type 2 diabetes (Getty Images)

type 2 diabetes is frequently related to weight problems and the number of cases are rising global at an alarming price. In kind 2 diabetes, the frame does not produce enough insulin or doesn’t react to it. This reasons an accumulation of sugar within the blood, that could have excessive lengthy-time period outcomes for organs, along with the kidneys, where it could cause diabetic kidney disorder.
therefore, finding a manner to block glucose reabsorption inside the kidneys could provide a capability treatment for reducing blood sugar tiers.
within the observe, researchers used animal models of diabetes and fashions of food regimen-brought on obesity and insulin resistance to look how insulin resistance and too much sugar or fats have an effect on glucose transporters in the kidney.

They found that sure styles of glucose transporters (GLUT and SGLT) in addition to their regulatory proteins were found in a higher wide variety in kind 2 diabetic rats. but a excessive fat food regimen and junk food weight-reduction plan triggered a similar increase in those receptors.
Dr Havovi Chichger stated that the Western diet includes more and more processed junk food and fats and there may be a properly-hooked up hyperlink among excessive consumption of this type of food and latest increases in the prevalence of weight problems and sort 2 diabetes.
She added that during their take a look at, kind 1 and kind 2 diabetes both induce modifications in glucose delivery inside the kidney, but junk meals or a weight-reduction plan high in fats reasons modifications that are very just like the ones discovered in kind 2 diabetes.
Chichger said a brand new remedy for diabetic patients constitutes blocking off the glucose transporter in the kidney to reduce blood glucose degrees. information how food regimen can affect sugar coping with within the kidneys and whether or not the inhibitors can opposite these changes ought to help to shield the kidneys from in addition harm.
The look at seems in the journal Experimental physiology.

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