Jasmine Washington Furious Kirk FrostDidn’t Reveal DNA Results On ‘L&HH’Reunion

Jasmine Washington

Viewers lost their minds when Kirk Frost didn’t come clean with the results of the DNA test on the finale reunion episode of ‘L&HH’! Now our insider has the EXCLUSIVE details on Jasmine Washington’s fiery response!

Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta fans might be scattered far and wide but we can all agree on one thing: Kirk Frost, 48, flat blew it on the final reunion episode! After an entire season of hyping the paternity test and waiting to discover if, in fact, he is the father of Jasmine Washington‘s son…we got a big fat nothing! Nothing! The episode ended and fans were ready to revolt! But here’s the thing: viewers aren’t the only ones up in arms over the disappointing finale! Jasmine herself is seething over Kirk’s decision and, thanks to a source, we’ve got her side of the story! Take a peek at pics of the stunning reality star here!

“Jasmine is bitter and hurt that she did not get redemption with the release of the DNA tests during the LHH reunion special,” an insider shared with HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY. “She is waiting like the rest of the world even though she knows Kirk is the father, she just wants the truth to come out. She needs child support and the court has ordered a DNA test. If the network producers can’t get Kirk to take responsibility, Jasmine is hoping the good courts of Georgia can.” Yes, girl!
Our source went on to explain that the time has come for Kirk to step up and stand by his choices, consequences be damned. “Jasmine needs Kirk to have some integrity and do what is right. Jasmine is desperate to have some closure on the situation, get some support from the real father so they can all move on with their lives.” As we previously reported, Jasmine posted several private conversations with Kirk on social media after he left everyone hanging by keeping the DNA test results to himself, so this controversy is bound to continue. Let’s hope she (and everyone else) gets the results soon!

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