Indian Gooseberry

Indian Gooseberry

Hindi Name: Amla

Indian Gooseberry, also called Awla or Amla in Hindi is a species of ribes. It is used for a variety of purposes. It tastes bitter and hence is not consumed directly from the plant. It is either cooked or served with salt, oil or spices. It is used to make pickles, preserves and jams as well.


Apart from Indian gooseberry, other commonly known varieties are Cape gooseberry and American gooseberry.

Cape gooseberry: It is also known as golden berry. In India, it is called ras bhari and it is available during the months of February to may. It is used both as a fruit and vegetable for cooking. The husk and the leaves are also used for cooking. In India it is commonly consumed as a fruit that changes from green to yellowish orange color as it ripens. It has a sweet tomato taste but fully ripened berry tastes even better.


The fruit is either eaten raw or cooked into various dishes. Amla pickle made from the gooseberry fruit, salt, oil and spices is very popular in South India.

Nutritional Value

Indian gooseberry is very rich in vitamin C and helps maintain healthy teeth. Indian gooseberry contains chromium that maintains the blood sugar level in diabetic patients. Its antibacterial properties help in keeping away infections.

Did you know?

Indian gooseberry contains 20 times the vitamin C in orange!
The health benefits of amla are many in number for which it is often called as a wonder herb.


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