Hindi Name: Khajoor

A type of stoned fruit that is available fresh or dried and is grown widely in desert areas. Dates are a staple food in the Middle East. They are sweet and chewy. They come in a cylindrical shape and have a wrinkled texture.


Dates are either consumed directly like a dry fruit or used as seasonings in sweets, puddings, cakes and many other recipes. In some countries, they are also used in preparing vinegar oil and non-alcoholic drinks. Thick syrup made out of dates is put on bags and pipes to prevent leakage.

Apart from the fruits, other plant parts are also extensively useful. While the palm sap is used in making different kinds of edible syrups, seeds of the fruit are often used to make soaps and cosmetics.

Nutritional Value

1. Dates are rich in dietary fiber that helps reduce LDL cholesterol. Fruits rich in dietary fiber are also known to promote colon health and help in regular bowel movements and protection against colon cancer.
2. Being high in sugar level, they help boost energy levels.
3. The calorie content of dates is very low compared to other fruits.
4. They are very rich in iron content which helps in increasing hemoglobin count. Anemic people can benefit from its consumption.

Did you know?

Date palm is the national symbol for Israel and Saudi Arabia, denoting vitality and growth.
Four million tons of dates are grown annually around the world.


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