Custard Apple

Custard Apple

Hindi Name: Sharifa/Sitaphall

A type of tropical fruit, that is sweet and custard-like in texture. It is green, round and pine like but with a soft outer covering. Heart shaped fruit with a green exterior and white creamy flesh which is a curious combination of sweet flavor and grainy texture. The fruit is picked before it is ripe. The seed is black with a sheen, not to be consumed. Good custard apple is firm and free from blemishes. This fruit also comes in a variety of bright red flesh, purplish red flesh and pinkish flesh.


Consumed raw as a fruit, it can also be used in a pulp form as baby food. It is a very popular flavor for souffles and mousses. Drinks and smoothies are another way custard apple is used along with syrups, jams and marmalade. Custard apple sauce also pairs well with various meats.

Nutritional Value

High in calories, the fruit is rich in minerals like iron and calcium. It aids the treatment of anemia, diarrhea and dysentery. It is packed with anti-oxidants like vitamin c.

Did you know?

Custard apple is also known as ‘Bull’s heart.’

Often ignored, custard apple has an edible flesh which is a little tart.

The leaves of the custard apple tree are used to make a dye


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