Hindi call: Shimla Mirch

it’s far a type of inexperienced pepper. it’s far a massive and mildly flavored vegetable. They can be eaten uncooked or cooked. This surprisingly candy pepper is a spherical and glossy and is by and large typically called as capsicum in India and as a bell pepper some other place. they’re deseeded earlier than preparation. It is not as sweet as different bell peppers.

apart from inexperienced coloration, capsicum also comes in red, orange and yellow colours. most of these types have a mild taste suitable for cooking them into a vegetable.


Capsicum may be eaten raw or cooked. The pepper is also used for stuffing with fillings like cheese, meat and rice. they are either used both chopped and raw at the same time as cooking and making ready salads. The wealthy coloration of capsicum not simplest complements the look of the recipe but also substantially used as a flavoring agent.

notice: prepare dinner for a short time so they maintain their form and don’t unfastened the lutein content.

nutritional value

1. it is low in calories and has zero fats. they’re known to assist in burning the calories in our frame.
2. inexperienced capsicums are very good for the eyes.
3. It facilitates to lower the blood pressure and controls our cholesterol levels.
four. Capsicum is considered a medicinal drug for several digestion associated issues.

Did ?

Capsicums are simply culmination however are more often than not prepared as veggies.
although they belong to the equal circle of relatives of chilli peppers, capsicum are sweet in taste.

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