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Break the holiday cycle

Break the holiday cycle
Break the holiday cycle
Why do so many people find it hard to stick to healthy eating during the holiday season? To put it simply, you get trapped in the ‘Holiday Cycle’.

Late Nights

The Holiday Cycle for unhealthy eating starts off with late nights. Parties, weddings and hosting relatives can lead to sleeping way later than you usually do, making you wake up way later than you usually do. Which then leads to…

Reduced Exercise

Your schedule changes when you are waking up late. You end up having much more to do in the day. And that’s when exercise starts to get sidelined. This often leads to…


The thirst during and after your exercise session leaves you drinking more water than you normally do. And when you don’t drink more, you end up…

Eating More

The hunger and thirst centres in the brain are set very close together. We sometimes confuse thirst with hunger and wind up eating when actually all we need is a glass or two of water. When we eat more, we are more predisposed to…


Ah. That feeling when you just don’t want to get up and do anything but sleep. And when getting up and moving is really the last thing on your mind. When you’re recovering from an eating binge, you’re pretty much faced with…

No Exercise

Yup, we’re back here again. And you know what happens when you can’t burn off the excess calories, right? You wind up with…

Weight Gain

No exercise means that you’re not compensating for the heavy eating. And that’s when we have to start all over again. Add this to the fact that studies show that we eat and drink more when we are in the company of others.

Break the cycle

The best way to break this cycle is to keep the late nights to a minimum, eat sensibly through the week and drink as much water as possible. Get proper sleep as there is a proven link between sleep deprivation and weight gain.


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