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Move your body

Move your body
Cardio hip-hop workout

The Fitness Marshall, a dance workout group run by dance enthusiasts and video bloggers with a tagline ‘Sweat Yourself Sexy’ is the latest online fitness fad. The best bit about their workouts is they keep it short and set it to recent hit numbers. Their workout on Justin Timberlake’s Can’t stop the feeling is among the most watched workout videos.


Rachel Okesola of AfriFitness is burning the online space with her dance workouts to Afro beats. An aerobics style workout, this is ideal for legs and abs and includes a mix of lunges, squats and crunches to make it a full body toning exercise. Done to the lively African beats, this workout is fast becoming the cardio workout of choice across the world.

Pole Fitness

Pole fitness workout works wonders on your body and improves flexibility, says fitness trainer Vesna Jacob. Fitness apart, the entire workout looks sensuous. But it is also among the hardest and most strenuous workouts. And yes, it is the only workout that has a few sessions in high heels.


A dance video of few Lebanese boys dancing at a wedding on their knees started trending online and soon made it to our timelines. Dabke from being a mere modern folk dance became a happening group exercise where men and women sweat it out while moving to the traditional beats. The dance moves involve dancing in a circle and a line, and is ideal for toning and strengthening hips, thighs and calves.


A rigorous cardio dance workout regimen, this one involves choreographed plyometric (jump training) moves. Imagine doing a five-min innovative jumping jack ritual to your favourite number. The aim of this dance exercise is to burn as much calories as possible in as short time as possible, while also increasing the muscle strength and stamina.


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