We get it: Sometimes you just don’t have enough time in the day for a 60-minute spin class or lengthy session at the gym. The good news, though, is that you can still work up a sweat even if you’re traveling or having a crazed week at work. These super-quick moves from Alonzo Wilson, founder and director of training at Tone House in New York City, are designed to deliver maximum calorie burn in a short amount of time (think: less than a minute) so you can fit in a workout even on your busiest days. And as an added bonus, each of these challenging HIIT-inspired exercises can be done right in your living room and don’t require any gear. Do just one or complete them in a sequence.

High Knees

For this move, simply run in place quickly, bringing right knee toward chest (A), then left knee (B). Continue for 60 seconds.

Butt Kicks

Run in place, kicking right heel up toward butt (A), followed by left heel (B). Continue for 60 seconds.

Hand-Release Push-Ups

Lie facedown; extend arms out (A). Pull hands in toward armpits (B), then place on floor near chest. Press up into a push-up (C). Lower back to “A” and repeat for 60 seconds.

Plank to Tuck Jump

From plank (A), bring left knee toward chest (B); return to plank. Jump legs forward into a squat (C). Jump up, bringing knees toward chest (D). Land in squat, then jump out to plank. Repeat move with right leg and continue for 60 seconds.

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