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50 of The Best Fitness Blogs | Fit Active Living

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but there are SO MANY fitness blogs on the Internet. Sure, if you have a specific topic you want to Google, you could find an article or two. But, if you’re looking for a good blog to rely on and revisit again and again, it can be overwhelming.

So, we’ve compiled the 50 best fitness blogs for you to explore. Yes, 50! It’s a lot, but we can assure that you’ll find one that will fit your style of fitness and what you are looking for in a great fitness blog!

50 Best Fitness Blogs


If you’ve ever looked up anything health or fitness related, chances are that you’ve run across an article on the Healthline blog. From generic fitness to more specific topics like women’s wellness, it’s got it all.


With their company keys to a healthy life being getting fit, eating better, managing weight, and living well, their blog posts align with just that.


Most people in the fitness world know Garmin for their amazing smartwatches, they also have an incredible and informative blog. While Garmin isn’t only a fitness blog, it’s content for all things fitness is top-tier.

Verywell Fit

Unlike Garmin, Verywell Fit has one focus: fitness. This blog has some great content, but another thing that makes it stand out above the rest are its tools. They have a Recipe Nutrition Calculator, Calories Burned by Activity tool, Pace Calculator, and more. These tools are really helpful for those pursuing a healthy and fit lifestyle!

Myfitnesspal Blog

Known for its calorie-counting and fitness calculating app, Myfitnesspal is an Under Armour owned company that is dedicated to provide its users and readers with “powerful tools that make it easier for anyone to live a healthier life…”

Mind Body Green

Mind Body Green offers coaching, classes, and supplements revolving around a healthy mind and body. But you will also find a plethora of fitness blog posts to further a healthy mind and body as well!


You may have heard of Self as it’s a wildly popular women’s magazine, but you may not have realized that they also have amazing blog content for women in fitness!

Runner’s World

By the title of this one, you know it will revolve a lot about running, but it also covers a lot of other fitness topics including: finding the right gear, using your diet to fuel your performance, and injury prevention.


POPSUGAR Fitness has got it all! From healthy living and nutrition to sports and even workout videos, if you’ve got a fitness question, they can answer it.


This fitness blog is another on the list that may surprise you! We all know Fitbit for their fitness watches and accessories that have completely transformed how people work out and see their movements. What you may not have realized is they’ve got quite the fitness content too!

ACE Fitness

If any fitness blog knows what it’s talking about, it’s ACE. One reason you’ll know you’re getting excellent information is because they are actually a world-renowned certifier for personal trainers and fitness instructors!

The Beachbody Blog

Millions of people use Beachbody’s programs to achieve their fitness goals, but they also have a blog where they post fitness advice, recipes, diet tips, and more.


ACTIVE isn’t just an amazing website where you can sign up for your next race. You can also find articles with fitness pointers, hydration guides, kid and family health-related topics.

Nerd Fitness

There’s NOTHING nerdy about getting your life together and achieving your fitness goals, but Nerd Fitness is a unique blog and website that adds a little fun to your everyday fitness articles.

Breaking Muscle

If you are about all things muscle building and pure strength, then this is the fitness blog for you!

Muscle and Strength

Muscle and Strength’s website is really user friendly and has articles organized by topic. With 12 different topics to explore, you’ll have to click to see them all, but they cover muscle building, training tips, athlete interviews and more.

Man Of Many

Man of Many is a site geared totally towards men (as you can probably tell from their name)! They have plenty of fitness and fitness related articles for the guys.


Along with informative fitness articles, Openfit also offers live-streamed classes, nutrition plans, and supplements to help you and your journey to health and fitness.


Personally, I am really impressed with this blog. You can tell that it is well put together and organized with loads of content. The recipes look delicious, and there are so many fitness challenges and plans to learn from.


While you can find more than just information on yoga on this fitness blog, they’ve definitely geared it to a yoga-focused audience. If you love yoga, you will LOVE this blog!

Fit Bottomed Girls

Don’t you just love a good play on words for a blog title? I know I do! They also have Fit Bottomed Mamas, Fit Bottomed Eats, and Fit Bottomed Zen!

Get Healthy U

The slogan is “We want what U want” and they give examples such as, “find stuff the works” and “look ten years younger.” Essentially, they’ve focused this blog on helping you find what you are looking for in fitness and wellbeing.

Tony Gentilcore

On this blog there are lots of posts with a lot of variety! The writing is fun and casual, making it easy and relatable to read!

Born Fitness

Born Fitness has a really interesting and informative concept! As their website advertises, they interview top fitness experts, then condense the information into easily readable articles. They are science-based and the real deal!

Simply Shredded

This is another great one for those aspiring to be in the body-building, muscle and strength arena!

Carrots N Cake

Run by a Certified Nutrition Coach and a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner who is against the crash-diet culture, the website offers more than just a fitness blog with coaching, nutrition programs, a podcast. You can find plenty of excellent information for your fitness journey!

12 Minute Athlete

This blog is all about being efficient with your time and learning how fast, high interval workouts can change your life. Along with great blogs, they also have a well-known book and app with workout to transform your health and strength!


While some of these fitness blogs are geared to a specific audience, Fitwirr is very well-rounded with something for everyone.

Love Sweat Fitness

LSF isn’t just about fitness—it also has posts about travel and lifestyle. If you enjoy their posts, you can always download their app as well!

UP Blog

The Ultimate Performance Blog is about just that.. Achieving ultimate performance both mentally and physically with their posts, coaching, and programs.

Dr. John Rusin

Dr. Rusin has quite the reputation—having worked with professional athletes to train and teach about his pain-free performance training model. He is all about getting results while taking care of yourself by staying up to date on the most recent research for sports medicine. You can see this weaved into his blog posts.

The Balanced Life

While not only for women, The Balanced Life has a great deal of information and posts about finding balance in motherhood and womanhood.

Visual Impact Fitness

Visual Impact Fitness has a lot of articles on weight loss, fat loss, and achieving your ideal body. The site’s focus is exceptional muscle tone without excess size.

Art of Healthy Living

Articles in the Art of Healthy Living offer a variety of fitness-related topics including beauty, health, food and recipes, and more. You will also find reviews for various items in each of the categories, which is interesting!


With more of a lifestyle emphasis on personal touches, this Canada-based blogger offers fun fitness blog posts!

DIY Active

With over 50,000 followers on their Pinterest, DIY Active has quite the audience! They offer informational and inspirational articles as well as at-home workouts and recipes!

Spot Me Bro

As the name of this fitness blog suggests, it is very heavily influenced by the bodybuilding community. So, if that is something that you are interested in, definitely give this blog a look!

Advanced Human Performance

AHP has been featured in some star-studded magazines, including Men’s Health and Muscle and Fitness. They organize posts by various muscle groups to focus on, so it’s perfect if you know what you’re wanting to learn more about and work on!

Knocked-Up Fitness

Like “Spot Me Bro”, the title of this blog says it all! If you guessed that this would be all about fitness throughout pregnancy, you would be correct!

Strong Home Gym

Strong Home Gym helps busy people get stronger and fitter with their own affordable home gym. The personal trainer’s on the blog use the 80:20 principle to get results efficiently.

Power Cakes

Run by Kasey Brown, a CPT who wants to help young women feel empowered through health and fitness, you can find a lot of inspiration and information.

Eat Pray Workout

With a fun blog title, Amy Darcy is an Australia-based blogger who shares messages of wholesome living through finding balance and being fit.

Active Weekender

The Active Weekender blog is an exceptional source of inspiration to find fitness beyond the walls of a gym! With articles about biking, camping, hiking, and more, you will feel inspired to get out and get fit!

Yoga Anita

If you’re looking for all things fitness and yoga, you can definitely find it here! You can also find courses and books for extra information.

Fitness in the City

Another Australian-based fitness blog, Fitness in the City offers a solid variety of information about all things fitness along with reviews, tips, and news.

The Trusty Spotter

The Trusty Spotter will share information about getting fit and healthy while also helping you to get rid of all your excuses—from no time to no money, Evan believes there’s always a way to get fit.

That Squat Bot

Not just about gaining muscle and working out in the gym, you can also come to this source for articles on running, training, and eating healthy.

Gym Guider

All things gym can be found here! You can find tips on building muscles, learning new exercises, and everything in between.

Kayla in the City

Kayla is a Barre method instructor living in NYC who uses her blog to share tips and tricks to achieve fitness and wellbeing.

Daily Routine Fitness

Founded by a woman who overcame her own health and fitness struggles. Her goal is for women around the world to live a healthy lifestyle and discover happiness in their bodies.


This blog is all about endurance! Running, biking, and hiking are their focus!


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