World Smile Day: 5 reasons you should smile every single day

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Smile is the most beautiful thing you will ever wear. Did you know, the average adult smiles 20 times per day, while a study insists babies flash a full-fledged, ear-to-ear smile up to 400 times a day.

Smiling is a facial expression that occurs when we’re amused and delighted, but the power of a smile is way stronger than you think. It not only benefits your health and well-being, but it also positively impacts those around you. The saying is true — smiles are in fact, contagious. A smile can go a long way and it makes a huge difference to your social and personal life. You become more likable, approachable and people feel comfortable around you.

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As Friday, October 5, marks World Smile Day, five reasons to smile all day, every day.

1.Lowers heart rate and blood pressure
Researchers discovered that smiling while juggling multiple tasks decreased heart rate and blood pressure, indicating that a person is more at ease.

2.Reduces stress
Studies have shown that those who smile are able to recover from stressful situations more quickly. It might seem unrealistic to flash a genuine smile many times throughout the day, but faking it produces the same results.

3. Boosts immune system
Scientists have proven that smiling strengthens immunity because it allows your body to let go of tension, causing cells to release stiffness and making you more capable of fighting illness.

4. Puts you in a better mood
The simple act of smiling sends a signal to your brain that you feel good, and if you smile often enough, your brain will create a pattern of positive thoughts as opposed to negative ones.

5.Increases productivity and creativity
Smiling releases endorphins, and similarly to when they are released during a workout, this release can result in a more efficient work rate and stimulated brain activity.


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