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What’s your walking personality?

(Pic: Thinkstock)
(Pic: Thinkstock)
It’s time to change the adage from ‘what you wear says a lot about you’ to ‘how you walk says a lot about you’. That’s right. Researchers from the UK have found that people make judgments about an individual’s personality based on his walk. Remember James Bond’s suave stride or John Wayne’s iconic swagger? Theories say that Wayne’s walk may not have been so much about confidence and being macho, but his need to control his lanky body better. If you use the Monday slouch on most days, watch out! It may reveal that you are insecure and heading for a burnout. Of course, you can’t judge a book by its cover, but body language experts say that walking styles definitely give away secrets about an individual. Here are a few key gaits and their interpretations…


The Saunterer
Here’s a non-pretentious soul, someone who loves to grab the day on his terms. A man or woman-about-town, this is a great communicator, someone who likes so reach out and have conversations while ambling. It’s said to be one of the most ideal ways of walking.

The Power Strider

Have a strong lunging step? You’re someone who loves to hit ground running. You are able to multitask and can focus on what is at hand. The study says this gait is mostly seen at the workplace. Unfortunately, power striders also expect others to keep up with them.

The Stomper

These folks press their feet down hard on the ground while walking, not so much due to body weight, but because of a persistent nature. They like to hit the concrete hard and can be childish or even easily prone to anger.

Egg-shell walker

A cautious, tight-lipped personality, this person takes calculated steps. This pattern of walking as if on eggshells, could arise out of a worried mind. The walking style is light, but deliberate. He or she gives of signals of being shy and aloof, too.

The foot dragger

How many of us have adopted this style? Studies say if this gait is repetitive it denotes a person who is listless, devoid of energy, sad and unable to detach from stress and worries.

Daytime sleep-walker

Here’s a thinker. This is someone who’s lost in thoughts and noise and other distractions become white noise to him or her. If you call out to such a person and get no reply, don’t take offence.

The skulker
Watch out for this type! Here’s someone with a predatory nature who likes to prowl about looking for another’s weakness. At the workplace, you’ll find this character skulking in the background, trying to eavesdrop on others’ conversation.

30 minutes = zero stress
Scientists say a stroll can be one of the most effective ways to bust anxiety and stress. Brisk walking boosts endorphins and activates neurons in the brain that can soothe the mind and body. Walking meditation is also catching on as a daily wellness practice.


A British study that rated walkers’ gaits found that a slower longer stride meant more internal dialogue, a looser gait denoted extroversion and a tighter one was about a more closed personality

Here’s how to walk right

  • First, adjust your posture, keep your head and spine straight.
  • Do not lean forwards or backwards.Make sure the shoulders do not hunch.
  • Don’t let the arms tighten; swing them naturally.
  • Breathe steadily and pick up a calm pace.

Nordic walking, the new body toner?

Imagine you are going skiing minus the snowy slopes. That’s Nordic Walking (also called ski walking), a fast-catching trend. It involves applying pressure on the ground with poles, which tones the arm muscles, chest and back. Nordic walkers are fitter and torch more calories (40% more than regular walking).


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