Viral Tweet: Woman Thought Man Was Offering Free Chicken, When He Was Actually…

Viral Tweet: Woman Thought Man Was Offering Free Chicken, When He Was Actually...If there’s one thing you’ll find in abundance on the internet, it has to be humour. There are so many funny situations and anecdotes that find their way to social media, resulting in much laughter all around. One such hilarious incident has surfaced online, and we couldn’t help but laugh at it. A Twitter user named Sophie Petzal took to the micro-blogging website to share an incident that happened with her outside a chicken restaurant. She was outside a chicken restaurant when she saw a man holding a box of what seemed to be free samples of chicken. However, it turned out to be something else altogether! Take a look:

The user further explained that the man didn’t seem to speak much English and was clearly horrified by the incident. “This mad woman. Tried to eat his chicken. What if he had to dump his chicken? What if he worried it was now contaminated,” she pondered in the same thread. The awkward yet embarrassing situation was purely out of greed and gluttony, the woman admitted sheepishly. “I didn’t need food. I’d had a burrito. And an ice cream. But I saw this guy leaning against a shop window. And this possessive, animalistic entitlement washed over me. I deserved a free sample,” she concluded.

The hilarious anecdote got Twitter users in splits, as the situation was just too funny to miss. Many of them came forward to share their own embarrassing encounters related to food and the likes.


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