Try Teppanyaki food for healthy living

Try Teppanyaki food for healthy living (TNN)
Japanese are not just known for their enviable life expectancy, cherry blossoms, bullet trains, technical know-how and sushi, but also for a unique style of cooking that preserves the basic taste of food and its nutritional value.

A land which is known for its longevity surely must be having some cooking secrets that add years to the life of the people living there. Teppanyaki style of cooking is one among those several techniques.

Teppanyaki is a style of Japanese cooking that uses an iron girdle. The iron girdle is heated from beneath and the food on it is slowly cooked by this heat. The word Teppanyaki is derived from teppan which means iron plate, and yaki which means cooked. Steak, shrimp, fish, meat and vegetables are broiled, grilled and pan fried using this style.

This style of cooking is said to have originated in 1945 and became popular particularly in restaurants as guests loved to watch the food being cooked for them. The Teppanyaki girdle is also easy to install as it is like a thin long plate which is placed over the gas burner. In this style of cooking food is generally not overcooked and the crunch is retailed which accounts for their delicious taste.

Soybean oil is mainly used as a cooking medium.

Teppanyaki food is gradually catching up in India and is being offered at select restaurants. Radisson Blue, Paschim Vihar’s (Delhi) flagship oriental restaurant INDYAKI has a Teppanyaki menu which offers delectable and healthy fare that includes, flambeed lamb with onion rending curry, tenderloin streak with garlic chips tossed with teriyaki sauce, pomfret with pakchoi and ginger coconut sauce, shredded chicken and eggplant with yakitori sauce, broccoli and bean curd with barbeque sauce and green and bean sprouts with garlic chips.

According to Head Chef Vikas Pant, “Teppanyaki food is generally served in small portions and is low in fat, rich in nutrition and is also supremely delicious. No wonder it is hugely in demand among the customers.”

Benefits of Teppanyaki grill
-The grill warms up in 2-4 minutes and hence the cooking time is less.
-Since it is a broad, flat grill, it can cook multiple ingredients at a time.

-Keeps food warm for a longer period and is easy to clean.

It’s healthy

-Served in small portions and cooked in minimum oil it is a weight watcher’s delight.
-If you are eating out and want to avoid greasy food, Teppanyaki menu should be

 -The cooking process locks food juices and hence the food is rich in nutrients.
 -Sea food cooked with minimum oil is rich in antioxidants and is heart and weight healthy.

-Mushrooms and broccoli are used in abundance that makes it rich in micro nutrients as well.

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