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Thane dancer dies hours after taking banned weight-loss pill

A Thane woman, who worked as a dancer and a trainer at a gym, died just hours after taking a banned weight-loss pill. 22-year-old Meghna Devgadkar died less than 15 hours after taking the banned Dinitrophenol.

The incident happened on Monday when Meghna Devgadkar took the pill before a workout at a gym where she had recently joined as a trainer. However, Meghna started throwing up soon after taking it.

She was taken to a general practitioner and was shifted to Lifeline Hospital. From there, she was shifted to Sion Hospital. At Sion, she was shifted to ICU but Meghna died of a cardiac arrest on Tuesday morning, Mumbai Mirror reported.

On Monday, Meghna Devgadkar told the police that she had taken Dinitrophenol.

Doctors said that Meghna suffered from Hyperthermia after taking the banned pill which elevated her body temperature beyond normal, increased her heartbeat and blood pressure severely.

The incident has triggered an investigation by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). A case has also been registered at the Naupada Police Station. An investigation regarding how Meghna could access the banned drug has been initiated.

The police also interrogated some the employees at the gym, where Meghna was employed, to know who sold her the drug.


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