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Rosemary is a herb that is used in food for flavoring purpose or for fragrance. Native to the Mediterranean, Rosemary has needle shaped leaves that are highly aromatic. Rosemary’s needle-shaped leaves are highly aromatic and have the flavor of both lemon and pine.


Rosemary leaves are added to foods as cooking spice. It can also be added for flavor into stuffings. It is often added to soups, salads, pizza for that extra taste. The essential oil extracted from the plant is regarded as a good treatment for skin irritations. Rosemary oil is an excellent remedy for bad dandruff and hair loss.

Nutritional Value

The plant is said to have many medicinal uses as. it is said to improve memory. The herb contains vitamin A protecting from lung and oral cancers. Rosemary leaves are rich in antioxidants maintaining the integrity of blood vessels. It is also used as a medicine to relieve from toothache, headache and gas.

Did you know?

Ancient Greeks believed rosemary to be a magical plant that could improve memory.
For their aromatic fragrance, rosemary plants attract bees!


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