Hindi name: Kaddu, Sitaphal, Petha

A round fruit with its shade varying from yellow to orange. Pumpkins are said to have originated in North the united states.

a mean pumpkin weighs around 4-five kgs. Did you recognize that the biggest pumpkin ever grown weighed 1,a hundred and forty kilos (517.half kgs)

Pumpkin are grown in main elements of the arena including usaA, India, China, Mexico. round 1.five billion pumpkins are produced every year in america of the usa.


Pumpkins are taken into consideration for his or her versatility use. The fleshy shell, seeds, leaves or even the flowers are used whilst cooking. while it is ripe, pumpkin may be boiled, steamed, baked or roasted. In North the us, it’s far smashed and brought in soups and purees. Pureed pumpkin is canned and frozen for later use. it is also a major factor in pumpkin pie. In India, pumpkin is introduced in dishes like sambar and halwa.

Roasted pumpkin seeds are a very famous Halloween snack. Pumpkin seed oil is mixed with other oil whilst used for dressing salads.

dietary cost

they may be encouraged for a healthy weight loss plan as they may be wealthy in potassium, vitamin A and fiber. It reduces the possibilities of heart illnesses and cancer. they may be also used in curing stomach issues, intestinal worms, burns and bladder problems.

Did you realize?

Pumpkins are frequently associated with Halloween lanterns.
a couple of billion kilos of pumpkin are produced inside the U.S. each yr.

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