Pros of Direct Mail Marketing


Direct mailing is a viable option even in comparison with digital advertising platforms. Through direct mail, a communication channel is created, providing a person-to-person conversation, especially with individuals with a habit of reading and responding to mail. Direct mail can easily reach up to 80% of customers with a wide range of advantages. For instance, using direct menu mailers in marketing a restaurant can effectively attract local traffic.

Cost-effective: Whenever you are in a business, you always try to minimize cost as you promote your business. Direct mail marketing can be termed effortless and inexpensive, especially when executing mass campaigns.

Mails are opened and read: More than 53% of received emails are read, whereas 21% of recipients scan through. This implies that the majority of recipients will see your direct marketing message.

Building of trust: Mails have been around for a long time and are personalized to fit a specific tangible target. For instance, receiving mailing menus with an offer in your mailbox can be more reliable than seeing popping ads on your online platform.

Highly trackable: A marketer can measure and monitor performance for any campaign through using a landing page, creating a personalized URL, Use of unique phone numbers, or create an exclusive offer to only send via direct mail.

Complements digital marketing: When you incorporate direct mail and digital marketing strategies together, they work exceedingly well. For instance, you can send mailers with QR codes for recipients to scan to bring an online webpage.

Range of formats: direct mails can customize varying formats, including leaflets, magazines, catalogs, and postcards, towards the target leads. Various formats are not limited to color use, mail format, or paper quality.

Simplicity: Partnering with a reliable mailing partner facilitates easy execution of the design.


Sending mails directly to your customers promote great returns towards sales and attracts new leads. As an entrepreneur, you control who receives the direct mail.

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