Pine Nuts

Pine Nuts
The fit for human consumption seeds taken from the pine trees. The oblong seeds are taken from numerous sorts of pine trees. The seeds are crunchy, sweet and really scrumptious. To expand the flavor, the seeds are regularly toasted. Pine nuts have a tough brown-colour coating.

The Mexican pinion, the Italian pinion, the Colorado pinion and the chinese language pinion are distinguished pine species from which pine kernels are taken from. it’s miles an severe harvesting technique to collect the nuts. they’re harvested by using hand contributing to their high priced fee tag.


Pine nuts were beneath consumption since the Palaeolithic age. The seeds are popularly brought as a crunchy salad topping. although eaten raw, the seeds are usually roasted. while added to desserts, pine nuts convey out a fantastic texture and flavour to the recipe. Grounded pine nuts are used to make Italian pesto sauce.

The seeds also are considerably used in meat, fish, vegetable dishes or baked into bread. Pine nut oil extracted from the seeds is also broadly used in cooking. it is valued for its mild nutty flavour. The oil has a fairly low smoke factor.

nutritional fee

Pine nuts are wealthy in nutrients A, C and D that assist in sharper imaginative and prescient and stronger immunity. they’re particularly excessive in monounsaturated fats selling a wholesome cardiovascular device. The seeds are also a terrific source of minerals like potassium, magnesium and iron.

be aware: Pine nuts can on occasion reason taste disturbance lasting from few days to a few weeks after ingestion. though the exact reason remains unknown, the inflammation would resolve in days without treatment.

Did you already know?

historical Greeks and Romans believed pine nuts to be an aphrodisiac.

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