Physical fitness a salvation for former Patriot Ted Johnson

Image result for Physical fitness a salvation for former Patriot Ted JohnsonWorking out and training have always been a part of Ted Johnson’s life. The former New England Patriots linebacker credits his love of football for getting him into physical fitness.

But in recent years, working out has become more than just an activity for Johnson.

In a recent exclusive interview with NBC Sports, Johnson detailed how working out is his “salvation” during in his post-playing days, as it has helped him keep his addiction issues at bay.

I’ve been out of the game 14 years and there’s times I’ve battled, off and on, people know this about me if you know my story, with addictions. But the way for me to stay clean and sober and the best thing I can do for myself is to live a diligent life. And that is to take care of myself. Eat right, sleep. But more importantly, make working out a part of my daily routine.

If I’m working out, and I’m taking care of my body in that way, I usually make better decisions when it comes to the addiction piece. So, working out and training and an active lifestyle, in that sense, it’s my salvation.

Johnson would go on to say that working out, at this point in his life, was more important than going to a meeting in terms of helping to stay sober.

For more about Johnson’s story, check out the video above or click here. And for more on mental health in sports, check out more Headstrong content on


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