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Hindi Name: Shahtut

A fruit belonging to the berry family. The fruits turn pink to dark purple or black. It is about 2-3 cms long and has a sweet, tarty flavor. They get their color from a chemical called anthocyanins which is a great antioxidant.

The ripe fruit is eaten raw or added in pies, teas and wine. It is similar to blackberry but with a very discrete flavor of its own. A newer less common variety also showcases white mulberries. Dried mulberries make a crunchy, delicious and nutritious snack and are often used in jams and sherbets.

Nutritional Value

Mulberries are high in a lot of nutrients such as vitamin C, iron, calcium, protein and dietary fiber. They also contain anti-oxidants known for anti-inflammatory properties. Mulberries also strengthen the immune system with their essential macronutrients. It cleanses the blood thereby improving the heart function.

Did you know?

These berries are great for treating ring worms.
Silkworms only consume the leaves of the mulberry trees.
Mulberries can be used as natural food colorants.


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