How Much Did Amazon Really Make in Furniture and Decor Sales Last Year?

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With every passing day, there seems to be a stronger and stronger case for the claim that you can find anything on Amazon. One thing that’s a bit more difficult to pin down? The company’s revenue by category. In a Furniture Today report published today, the outlet’s senior retail editor, Clint Engel, cites a variety of sources that show the broad disparity in estimates on Amazon’s hold in the home sector. Data source One Click Retail sets it at $1.15 billion, while a Morgan Stanley report puts the profits at $11 billion.

Amazon, for its part, has repeatedly declined to elaborate on category-specific sales, an interesting position in the home category as the company seems set on establishing dominance in the field. While just a few years ago, furniture and decor offerings on the site were paltry or low-quality, Amazon has made a push in the last year to improve its reputation as a home retailer, partnering with HGTV designers Cortney and Robert Novogratz as well as established companies like Ethan Allen and upstarts by industry insiders (like Christiane Lemieux’s Cloth & Company) to create “storefronts” that marry name brand designers and companies with Amazon’s massive scale.

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