Learn about the many ways of using essential oils

Besides aromatherapy, essential oils have many other uses. There are many people who use them for smelling their home nice and freshen up things, such as laundry. Again, they are also utilized in the form of a natural scent in cosmetics and superior quality natural products. It is always recommended to use these oils as an environmentally friendly and safe substitute to man-made mosquito repellents, like DEET. Nonetheless, the outcomes of their effectuality tend to be mixed all the time. According to studies, some oils, like citronella can repel some kinds of mosquitos for nearly a couple of hours.

Again, the protection time can be stretched to three hours too when you use it combined with vanillin. In spite of this, no oil can turn out be as operative as DEET when the matter comes to preventing bites from all the species of mosquitos for an extended period. However, the features of essential oil also indicate that a few of them can be used industrially to extend the shelf-life of foods. Pure essential oils are extracted from various leaves, trees, flowers, and plant resins. Again, the baby cold essential oils ease the symptoms of a cold or cough by soothing the kids’ throat, reducing inflammation, and fighting bacteria.

The seasonal list of essential oils

  • Spring – You can enjoy going through the list of essential oils that are selected keeping springtime utilization in mind. However, blends too are highly provided.
  • Summer – Summertime months are viewed as the ideal time to diffuse as well as blend with energizing, light, floral, herbaceous, and cooling essential oils.
  • Winter/Christmas/Holidays – You can enjoy blending and diffusing different essential oils for getting into these seasons.
  • Autumn/Fall – When Autumn brings forth cooler temperatures plus richly colored falling leaves, then it becomes an excellent time for enjoying blending and diffusing with a warming essential oil.

The process of using an essential oil with children

  • In baths – This isn’t advised to make use of essential oil in your children’s bath; however, when you wish to attempt this method, then you must dilute the oil using a water-soluble carrier, like raw unfiltered honey or vegetable glycerine.
  • In the form of a spray – When you spray diluted essential oil then it will help in developing a calming and soothing environment in your home. Again, when you have been spraying essential oils in your children’s room, then you must avert spraying it over your kids’ bed and particularly their pillow.
  • Massage – You shouldn’t ever use essential oils on the skin of your children minus diluting them with one kind of carrier oil. When you massage your kids’ toes or feet with these oils, then it is viewed as a safe method to apply diluted essential oil.

Diffusion – You can make use of water-based vaporizers for diffusing essential oils as diffusion is considered the finest method to introduce new oils to your kids. However, an extended diffusion period can turn out to be overpowering for their senses. Actually, diffusion shouldn’t extend a period of an hour and it ought to be followed by a gap of nearly one hour. However, for diffusion with kids, there should be a gap of 20-40 minutes.