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Karan Johar’s weight loss journey: How he lost 17 kg and got fit in 4 months at 45

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Karan Johar’s recent body transformation has been nothing short of inspirational. The 45-year-old producer, director and occasional actor’s weight loss journey has resulted in him losing 17kg in a span of just four months – something he accomplished by working out for just 40 minutes a day, four days a week. And if this has got you trying to figure out how to lose weight the way Karan Johar did, we’ve got you covered on that front. In an exclusive interview with GQ, his trainer, Kunal Gir, broke down Johar’s fitness routine for us. Gir, who is also Ranbir Kapoor’s trainer, explained the step-by-step process of the movie maverick’s workout, what motivated him to lose weight, what his diet looks like and what he eats on his cheat days. Here’s how Karan Johar lost weight and got fit at 45, and how you can too.

What motivated Karan Johar to lose weight?

Ranbir Kapoor had been suggesting to Karan Johar for a while that he should take a step towards fitness, revealed Gir. But for the last 6 – 7 years of his life Johar had been unfit. He hadn’t been on a good diet and his hectic schedule had caused his life to become very stressful. Said Gir, “But now that he has his babies, suddenly he realised that he has to take care of his health.” What motivated Karan even more was seeing Ranbir Kapoor’s results from his own weight loss journey. Since Kapoor is a big foodie and isn’t exactly the typical poster boy for fitness, Gir says that Johar was even more inspired by the change his friend underwent.

How to lose weight like Karan Johar

His fitness regime comprises weight training, along with a day of pool workout. “The pool workout is my idea,” says Gir. “He likes water. Water calms him down.” The fitness trainer said that he planned three weight training sessions for his client along with one pool session, giving him something to look forward to. Johar’s weight training sessions are usually short and intense. Gir has him do cardio for six minutes out of the total 30 that the filmmaker’s workout comprises of. Though the time is shorter than you’d expect, Gir reveals that Johar makes the most of the session since he knows that’s all he’ll get if he wants to achieve his goal.

What Karan Johar’s weight loss diet looks like

According to his trainer, Johar has stopped eating carbs and sugar. His diet now comprises mostly proteins and lots of vegetables. “He responds better to a high vegetable diet,” says Gir. It took Johar and his trainer a few trials and versions of diet before they could decide what was best for him. Though keto may be the diet of the moment, what Karan Johar is on isn’t exactly a keto diet but a version of the same. This means that he’s having a lot more proteins than fat, i.e., 70 percent protein and 30 percent fat. Since Johar needs good fat in his body, Gir has made sure to incorporate intake of food made in macadamia nut oil and asked his client to eat raw nuts and flax seeds.

The plus point of his current diet is that he is able to stick to his meal plans even when he is travelling. Additionally, Gir and Johar have figured out a few exercises which Johar can do anywhere when he is on the go – including his six-minute routine on the treadmill. “That way,” Gir says, “we’ve figured out a lifestyle.”

What Karan Johar eats on cheat days

“I have to force him to cheat,” Gir reveals. On his cheat days, Johar is allowed to eat anything without his trainer’s disapproval – but a cheat day can comprise just one cheat meal.

Karan Johar’s weight loss goals

When the filmmaker started training with Kunal Gir, they had decided upon a weight loss goal of 14kg – which Johar surpassed in four months. And Gir is confident that had Johar had more time on his hands, they would have figured out how to lose weight faster with better results.

How to lose weight and maintain it

Kunal Gir is confident that his client will stick to his fitness regime, “He has lost so much weight and his body is in tune with the new routine. So it doesn’t feel like he is dieting anymore.” The trainer says that he saw this coming and reveals that this isn’t nearly the end of Karan Johar’s weight loss journey, “Now that he has lost so much, he is more ambitious.”


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